So... What can we do for you?


DMP is a full service company, we'll take care of your event photobooth needs from A-Z.  In addition to basic Photobooth Services.  We offer Green Screen, Instagram and Twitter Hashtag Printing, Animated GIF Booths and Ipad Sharing Stations.


What is Green Screen Technology?  You see it daily on the 6 o'clock news weather report.  Your guests stand in front of a , you guessed it, green screen.  Once the photo is taken, the magic happens, our wizards remove the green background and digitally insert a background of your choosing.   Can't pick from one of our many backdrop selections? Totally make your own digital background.


Remember the nights on the town when everyone carried around a digital camera and a cell phone, well with the introduction of smart phones, those days are over.  Everyone just carries around a smart phone with a built in camera these days.  With our Social Media Kiosk, we've turned that smart phone into a portable photobooth.  At you next event, guests post pictures to their personal Instagram or Twitter accounts with a special event #Hashtag.  The Social Media Kiosk then output your guests' pictures on a custom branded print instantly.


The newest thing in photobooth tech.  We take a series of photographs and then stitch them into an animated GIF. Includes custom overlays with logos or branding. Guests can share them instantly with their friends via E-Mail, Facebook or Twitter.  Pair this service with a Green Screen and add an animated digital background.  Want traditional prints in addition to the animated GIF, we can do that too.

iPad Sharing Stations

Add some iPad Sharing Stations to your package and let your guest share their images via E-Mail, Twitter, or Facebook instantly and on the spot!  For Corporate installations, the iPad Sharing Stations also acts as a way to expand your company's brand marketing.  Include your custom marketing message on every outgoing E-Mail, Facebook post, or Twitter Tweet.  Let guests like your Facebook Page.  Stamp every photo with your logo.  You can even include a survey to really get to know your guests.